Power of Persistence

Momentum goals, like writing down a vision daily, or creating something new weekly can sometimes be difficult to keep up with in the fast paced lives we may find ourselves in. Keeping consistent, or working harder now and then to catch up should equally be seen as building momentum to manifesting our desires. Consistency is key as whatever it is that we focus on is what will grow. So even if we drop the ball now and then, and slack drearily through our intentions to continually direct positive conscious energy towards breathing life into a dream, we should still find the gratitude to give ourselves when we do follow through, if even by catching up. In my own falling behind, I have lots of releases this week to make up for it!

I have a new video featuring the podcast introduction to my upcoming book, Manifest M5: Exploring Modalities of Mind, Music, Mudras, Mantras, and Movement for Manifestation. I’ve also added the second part of chapter 1 to my website.
…And, putting me a podcast closer to that launch, you can listen to the first half of Chapter 1 at my podcast feed here.

I’m excited to announce the actual campaign launch now scheduled for the Autumn Equinox on September 23, 2019. 

During the launch, you can earn real cryptocurrency by being a part of it! 
Having been married to someone in the Information Technology industry with close friends developing AI and on the board of renowned  IT Security event, Black Hat, Ive come to learn a little about the potential of blockchain technology and the cryptographic security architecture used for Bitcoin.

I see this technology as disrupting every industry that is dominated with middlemen by democratizing spaces from art, music, services, banking, real estate, internet browsing, and more!

I bring up browsing for a reason, as it leads to the question of how our data is valued and who profits from that. The Brave Browser uses blockchain technology to verify viewership so that it can be quantified according to demand of advertisers so that people can be paid directly for the ads they view by the advertisers and marketers are also more assured that their ads are actually being seen by their target market. This all simply by technology that keeps a ledger that is secure enough to be verified by anyone, cutting middlemen out of the loop all the way up to the banking system.

I’ll be campaigning from Brave which uses the Basic Attention Token BAT and hopefully Vibravid using the BeatzCoin with the Tron wallet, if they are up by then. They may be worth mere cents today, but at one time Bitcoin BTZ was also valued at $.10 each while today it’s been holding pretty steadily around $10,000. To get a start, it takes a little effort to get all set up with a digital wallet you’ll need to receive payment.

Download and begin using the Brave Browser here to start getting paid for your browsing!

And spread the wealth by passing on!

All my thanks and gratitude to anyone here and everyone from my closest friends, family and connections for the support thus far.
Much Love ❤️ ✨🙏🏼✨

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