The Secret of Getting Ahead…

“The Secret of Getting Ahead is Getting Started” – Mark Twain

Following through on creating new content every week, today I’ve finished up the podcast for the introduction of my book; for those who don’t have the time to sit and read through it. This is just under 10 minutes so you can listen on your way to work, on the bus, car, train, plane, whenever and wherever!

You can subscribe here to listen:

or hear it straight from my website following the Introduction in text.

I won’t be officially launching my Podcasts until I have three of them to start with but I wanted all of my closest connections to be the first to listen, check it out and please offer whatever feedback – good or bad. I’m open to it all and I am in the whole process of learning, which is what this will all end up being a journal of.

Completing my first podcast and realizing that there are so many more to come in order to complete my book, Im looking at it as my catapult to follow through on the philosophies that I hold, and consider myself a science experiment to how it may all unfold.

For example, numerology is a chapter that I will be covering but one of the ways that I theorize will be most beneficial is to attach numerology towards building momentum into energy formulating into the physical world. Even if simply our thoughts written down on a piece of paper, is an occurrence of consciousness taking its first step into reality.

Numerology transcribes meaning to numbers, that are archetypal so to speak in that they transgress through cultures and generations with an elemental meaning attached in each of our psyches that is Universal. Quickly summarizing then, the number one, 1, ego, identity thought; 2, signifies emotion, duality; 3, thought plus emotion leads to action; and 4, materializes in the physical world and so on but to attach the symbolism of numerology to writing down the goal or objective of manifestation

I believe intent is key however; for example, in stating that I have earned $1 million, I am going all out by making it $1 million, but as I’ll discuss in this book, which I believe to be essential, is that be it money, capacities, ambitions, whatever it is we pursue, that we write down in essence, is not for the “I” alone, but for the universe; as it is in the realization that I am the universe and that everyone I cross paths with is the universe, that I am completely dedicated and committed to giving my life in servitude to what the Universe will have of me, that I am but clay to be molded, and seek only to fulfill the divine path of my existence that lifts all boats, so to speak. (or in Wiccan terms, “at the will of all and the harm of none”.)

So I’ll be writing the date starting with today, being June 29, 2020 and throughout that year, each day, I’ll write 1x day on the first, 2x’s a day the second, thru 10, then repeat with 1.

This is my current personal vision from my divine path:

“It is June 29, 2020 and I have made my first million dollars through my writing which reaches the masses far and wide across the globe. My eco-retreat is active and thriving with a community of high frequency beings.”

While writing the first, my meditative focus will be on 1. the thought, logic, the reasoning behind this. On the second day, i’ll write it twice with a mediation of the emotional attachment I have on the goal or objective. On the third day, action to get there and so on, beginning anew on the 10th day and cycling through repeatedly for a year. Beginning today, I make this my habit when I start the day, a little journaling, then off to the races 🐎

I plan to go into deeper detail in my book and hope you will see me through until the end, considering whom ever eyes happen to experience this were brought into my path for a reason.

Again I truly appreciate any and all support I get and wish you all the greatest potential that your future holds!

I look forward to any comments that help guide this journey of mine.


✨🙏 ✨

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