The Journey Begins

Join me on this journey as I share my living experience of realizing and creating a destiny that is intended to connect with the highest potential state of being that can be achieved.

My intention with this blog is to share the creation process and materialization of my upcoming book, “Manifest: M^5”. In it, I will discuss and explore the secrets of manifestation through the lens of modern science and ancient wisdom with a focus on activating conscious development through various modalities of mind, music, mudras, mantras, and movement.

It is my hope that a collective interaction and dialogue exchange about this endeavor will energetically guide its creation, to arrive at conclusions that increase the potential of our link to a primal force that we can all tap into and shift the Multiversal evolution that we are each connected to.

Personal life aside, I hope to dedicate myself to the dissemination of Universal Laws that have lasting and proven consensus of conviction throughout cultures and generations, through class and geography, throughout all natural and social structures that are empirically existent even without physical evidence…
Yes, dot dot dot, because I can do that here in my blog 😉

The Moment is NOW, and that’s where I am at; as I try to do service to the Universe by being the interpreter and creator that I was set out to be, I remind myself in each moment, if it is my mirror, what have I put before me? In this person before me, this animal, chair or flower arrangement, the rugs on the floor, the tree out the window….

If we are each the creators of our own existence, and everything before me is essentially of my own design, then what does it mean? What does it symbolize? …archetypes, numerology, color theories, what is my lesson? Trying not to label experiences as “good” or “bad” I find toughest. Somewhere in the middle is where truth lies.

Ramblings of a mad woman perhaps, but I figured this would be the place to put that kind of thing.


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